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Quality Threads For People Like Us.

2 Jul

My friends over at Resist Today sold me this wallet two years ago.  I got it for at the friends discount price but you can get it even cheaper now!  I get loads of comments when people see me pull a wallet with Mao on it.  It has held up well despite heavy use.  Josh and co. have a great site and I love the message and meaning behind their work.



So I Made A Desk.

2 Jul

Being 6’8ish means that you do not always fit in desks and such made for the average person. I am fortunate enough to work from home and found an great deal on a used architects desk on craigslist from Elizabeth at It turns out Elizabeth is moving out of town and needed to find a new home for her vintage desk (solid oak). She gave me a fair price and I was happy to re-home it. The only down side was that the desk needed a new top. So off to we went to to find a new top. While we were there we found whole lanes of bowling alleys that they had removed from Liberty Lanes (we surmised from the defunct Liberty Lanes sign in the yard). We found a nice slab for a great price and off to the house it went. It was a fun project and now I have a HUGE desktop!


16 Jan


So awhile back I was at a warehouse where I spotted this “Fresh Wisconsin Cheese Curds” sign and I just had to have it.  A short time later it came home with me.  After staring at it for a while I decided to give it the Krink treatment.

Comments Welcomed.

My last Lotus post for the day.

15 Jan

I think.  The all carbon fiber body on this lotus approaches iconic status.Carbon Fiber EliseVia (opens new window)


7 Jan

Generally speaking I am anti any kind of sport that requires the use of small wheels and my foot region.  I’m not a skater and I will never be one.  Recently I recieved a skateboard while attending a local labels annual Christmas show and this reminded me of the coolest skateboard EVA.. I present you with the H.R. Giger’s snowboard and skateboards.