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Be Water.

23 Jan

Darth Vader Gasmask

16 Jan

Yes Please!vader-gas-mask-1_01

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16 Jan


So awhile back I was at a warehouse where I spotted this “Fresh Wisconsin Cheese Curds” sign and I just had to have it.  A short time later it came home with me.  After staring at it for a while I decided to give it the Krink treatment.

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The Periodic Table of Awesoments

15 Jan

pertableaweWhat numbers do you like?

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My last Lotus post for the day.

15 Jan

I think.  The all carbon fiber body on this lotus approaches iconic status.Carbon Fiber EliseVia (opens new window)

Amazing Picture

15 Jan

Starwars meets Lotus.stormtrooper

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7 Jan

Generally speaking I am anti any kind of sport that requires the use of small wheels and my foot region.  I’m not a skater and I will never be one.  Recently I recieved a skateboard while attending a local labels annual Christmas show and this reminded me of the coolest skateboard EVA.. I present you with the H.R. Giger’s snowboard and skateboards.